Forskningstorget 2019

ERROR: Image could not be displayed “Forskningstorget” is an annual event where, as part of “Forskningsdagene”, researchers gather in the centre of Kristiansand to set up stands and talk about their research. UiA was represented by multiple stands, and the Faculty of Humanities and Education was represented by the ELL. The theme of our stand was “The benefits of Bilingualism” and the aim was to highlight the benefits of being bilingual. At the stand, visitors could try their hand at multiple tasks that are commonly used in bilingual research. The aim of each of these tasks was to highlight some of the benefits of bilingualism. The tasks were:
  • A language switching task
  • A flanker task
  • A Stroop task
  • A categorisation task
  • An object/category identification task
  • An ambiguous-picture recognition task